Datastore marked inactive but still accessible from vCenter

Recently had an issue while conducting activity on storage. while replacing a new drive on SAN with the faulty one, one of the datastore status went to inactive state from normal on one of the ESXi host. The virtual machines running on this datastore were functioning fine and datastore was also accessible when files were browsed on that datastore.

couple of steps that can be executed to resolve this issue for inactive datastore.

  1. Run the re-scan on storage adapters to see if it resolves that issue and state is changed back to NORMAL. go to the Host>Manage>Storage>Storage adapters, select the Adapter that is linked to the Storage which is inaccessbile and click the Re-scan button to re-scan the adapter to see if it brings the inaccessible Datastore state back to normal, refresh the adapter as well after performing Re-Scan
  2. Run the re-scan on Storage devices to see if this changes the state for the datastore to normal. go to Host>Manage>Storage>Storage Devices, click the Re-scan button to re-scan all storage devices presented to this host and then check the status.
  3. If this does not resolve the issue migrate the powered-on machines from this host to another host and then go to the DCUI interface and restart the Management Agents from the Troubleshooting options menu and check the status of the Datastore.
  4. If this also does not resolve the issue, put the host into Maintenance mode and then exit maintenance mode of the host to see if it resolves the issue.
  5. Finally if nothing happens Reboot the ESXi host and then see if the issue is resolved and Datastore state is changed to NORMAL and MOUNTED again

Usually these steps bring the datastore status back to normal on the ESXi host’s. if you still can not resolve the issue please let me know.






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