Whats new in Horizon 7 – VMware

Today, we announced the general availability of VMware Horizon 7. Horizon 7 reinvents desktop and application virtualization with a single platform, purpose-built for the mobile-cloud era. Drawing on the best of mobile and cloud, Horizon 7 radically transforms traditional VDI, giving you unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed and scale—all at lower costs.

This is a significant release for our flagship product, with improvements across the board—from scalability and user experience to deep technical innovations and improved policy controls. So, let’s dive straight in and highlight the key technical advances this release delivers.

what is new vmware horizon 7This is again a ground-breaking release for Horizon and introduces some key new technologies. Over the next few blogs posts, the EUC technical marketing team demo some of these excellent new features. But first, let’s cover some of the headline features.

Instant Clones

Instant Clones utilizes vmFork in vSphere 6.0 (update 1) to clone a virtual desktop in memory from an existing running virtual desktop. Desktops can now be provisioned in seconds, rather than minutes. Instant Clones do not rely on additional components, such as View Composer (or an additional DB), so it simplifies deployment and leverages existing vSphere functionality. Instant Clones also do not persist; they are destroyed after use and recreated from the latest desktop image.

VMware Horizon 7 Instant Clones overviewInstant Clones are ideal for deploying pools of non-persistent “floating” desktops. Equally, when used with VMware User Environment Manager and VMware App Volumes, Instant Clones can rapidly provision a persistent desktop experience. EUC architect Jim Yanik shows you how to use Instant Clone in the following video:


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